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Recent events

CogX Cinema & AI: Unleashing the Power of Creativity with AI

Monday, May 22

AI and Film converge, igniting an era of boundless creativity and potential. This fusion equips filmmakers to reimagine storytelling, blending art and tech seamlessly. Hear from pioneering filmmakers, technologists, and creators navigating this brave new world.

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Cannes Next: AI Apocalypse or Revolution? Rethinking Creativity, Content and Cinema in the Age of AI

Wednesday, May 17

AI has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing industries and reshaping how we manage and perceive creativity, content, and cinema. The boundaries between human imagination and machine capabilities are blurring, opening up a realm of limitless possibilities.

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SXSW Future Media Hubs: Shaping the Future of Media Together: A Transatlantic Dialogue on Innovation

Monday, March 13

We’ve joined forces with our European partners and organised a media side event at Innovation Bridge Europe. In this half day event, you can follow 2 very interesting discussions about the European and US media ecosystem, an inspiring talk about educating in the metaverse and startup presentations. Eager to find out more about the European ecosystem?

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