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About Sander

Most recently Sander headed up non-linear media strategy and worked as a futurist at Disney. He was hired through an acquisition of Maker Studios, where he was the first international employee, growing the company to 12 countries and more than 120 people. Before that he managed and led the video analytics products at AOL (now Oath). In his early career he organized the first hackathon Garage48 in Western Africa (Nigeria and Ghana) and worked at Europe’s largest accelerator Seedcamp.

Experienced in working in the US and European markets as well as supporting growth in Asia and LatAm, Sander’s professional network of experts expands across all continents.

Sander has also been a public speaker at several IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau), WARC, MRS (Materials Research Society), BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) events with leading research in online video.