Through Sander’s extensive experience and with his network of experts, we bring you the knowledge, processes, tools and strategies to succeed in the rapidly changing media landscape.

Our areas of expertise expand from working with fast-growing startups to large corporates in media and entertainment and consumer products.

We can help you with


We like to dig deep and bring you the latest insights, trends, gaps, including market/industry analysis, competitor analysis, performance analysis.

Growth Strategy

Developing growth strategies on how to exponentially expand your business with the understanding of current opportunities and gaps in the organization and market.

International Expansion

International expansion offers one of the largest growth opportunities. Fast-moving and ever-changing markets in EMEA, Asia, LatAm and North America require thorough analysis and smart market entry strategies to ensure success.

Business Models and Planning

Developing and constantly evolving business plans, creating future scenarios for is important to developing the business and positioning the organisation for growth.


Large amounts of manual work can be solved and efficiencies created through the smart use of technology, including tools/products for creation, asset management, distribution, measurement, operations etc.

Thought Leadership

Being at the leader and at the forefront of change ensures the sustained growth of your business. Making sure you're clients, followers, employees understand, are excited and believe in you is important.


Market Analysis, Growth Strategy, New Business Models, 5-year Planning, Thought Leadership, Tools

Market Analysis, International Expansion, Market Entry, Annual Operating Plans, Thought Leadership, Internal and External Presentations, Product Management, Tools.

Product Management, Tools, Internal and External Presentations, Training, Thought Leadership.

Publishing Growth Strategy, Business Planning, Internal and External Presentations, Tools.


Market Analysis, Fundraising, Thought Leadership, New Business Models, Technology and Tools.

(to be announced – kids focused fund and studio)

Market Analysis, Market Entry, New Business Models, Fundraising.

Market Analysis, Thought Leadership, External Presentations.

Market Analysis, Positioning, Strategy, Internal Presentations